Gidon Levin is an Israeli artist and graduate of the Bezalel school of arts in Jerusalem. He was born in Ukraine in 1983 and after moving to Israel at a young age served as an IDF solder where he draws much inspiration for his artwork. 

Gidon’s style of photography is characterized in its modesty as well as the mystery that is created in his photographs. In Gidon’s words, “what goes through my head during photography and in general, is a lot of silence, quietness, preoccupation with death and everything related to that.” Gidon is strongly influenced from his days in the military and uses his memories from his time serving in the paratroopers unit as well as what is happening there today to create his art. 

The relationship between photography and sculpture is another characterization of Gidon’s artwork, as he believes there is a strong connection between the two. Similarly, his photography is always done slowly, as it takes time for him to find what he is looking for. He almost never photographs people, as he feels he has more control over inanimate objects. Perhaps the one feature that stands out the most in Gidon’s photographs is their clean lines and minimalist asthetic. What is undeniable is however neat and simple his photographs may be, their bold message comes across and resonates with viewer in an impactful way,